Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) Human Genome Meeting (HGM) 2010 is slated to be held on 18 - 21 May 2010 in the beautiful city Montpellier in south of France. Our focus this year is “Next Generation Genomics and Medicine”. We are expecting a stellar panel of international chairs and speakers. (

Next generation sequencing and genotyping coupled with computational advances have allowed the comprehensive and precise investigation of complex biological systems. Such advances have provided new insights in biology and new understandings of human disease. The complex and massive datasets require new systems approaches to data analysis and open up the possibility of synthetic reconstructions of biological systems.

The HGM 2010 will explore the interface between these next generation technologies and human biology and pathophysiology. The focus will be on the integration of biology, computational sciences, and genomic technologies towards resolving complex biological and medical questions. We will discuss the necessary processes such as biobanking that will enable this integration. The impact of this science on ethics and society, and on the aspirations of emerging countries will also be explored.

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